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SkillWiz is a Career Analytics product used by:
  • To measure their skills & compare with peers
  • To match their skills to suitable job roles
  • To showcase their skills & competencies
  • To practice for job interviews
Corporates COMPANIES
  • To match job skills with the right candidates
  • To reduce the wrong hiring percentage
  • To cut down time & cost of interviews
Why SkillWiz?
  • 120+ unique functional skills
  • Mapped to industry functions
  • 1000+ aptitude questions
  • Adaptive Assessment and Scoring Algorithms
  • Analytics based competency mapping
  • Simplified user experience
  • 1749171
  • Questions Answered
  • Used by professionals and students, with great feedback
  • Used for skill matching during Hiring, with excellent results
What SkillWiz Users Say:
Feedback I was confused between choosing Finance & Marketing for my specialization. General opinion of my relatives was to go with finance. When I used SkillWiz I realized that my natural strength was in Marketing. The domain-skills specific assessments of helped me clearly understand where my chances of success were.Feedback

- A Rai, NMIMS
Feedback SkillWiz proved very valuable for our students when they were deciding their course of action during MBA. The SkillWiz team was also very focused and tremendously helpful. Feedback

- Dr.S.Mishra, NHCE
Feedback The application scenarios between tested on SkillWiz are a close approximation of what happens in a real work environment in the industry. This is a great way to check how ready I am to crack a job interview and to practive and improve myself. Feedback

- Vijay Singh (2 years experience @ Telecom sector)
Specialization Selection:
is now a smart decision based on natural strengths & chances of career success
Aptitude Building:
is now an industry requirements driven activity with customised practice lessons
Role Mapper:
maps your skill profile to suitable job roles & designations, making your job search & career planning relevant
Candidate Evaluation:
matching functional competencies of candidates to job skill requirements
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